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    Promote development by quality, promote the upgrading of stainless steel casting industry
    Release Time:2019-05-17 16:53:45      Hit Count:808

    Although there is still a huge gap between China's foundry industry and foreign enterprises, China's foundry industry has made some progress after so many years of development.

    According to the international mold association secretary general luo hui said, in terms of quality of the casting, casting quality in our country have obvious improve, foundry enterprises have greater improvement of technical level and industry gathering speed, strengthen the concept of "green" casting, casting commercialization degree increased significantly with raw and auxiliary materials, the domestic casting equipment share and mold manufacturing level has significantly improve the specialization level of foundry enterprises, further ascension. These are the development and progress of China's foundry industry in recent years.

    Promote the development of quality stainless steel casting industry upgrade

    According to the gold mold net reported that since this year, the foreign frequent spread of our country's stainless steel casting products for "double anti" news, which has a great impact on China's stainless steel casting industry.

    A few days ago, the law enforcement personnel of fogang county industrial and commercial bureau in the county shijiao town 38 ling back star foundry end an illegal processing waste oil black spot, on the spot seized 20 tons of waste oil, 7 tons of semi-finished oil, 20 tons of heavy oil, a batch of production equipment. According to the masses reported that located in the fogang county shijiao town sanba lingbei xingxing foundry found an illegal processing and sales of waste oil black nest, the bureau is required to investigate and deal with. After receiving the report, the bureau quickly dispatched law enforcement personnel to the scene of the investigation. The law enforcement personnel of the bureau immediately sealed up the production equipment, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products of the refinery, ordered the parties concerned to stop all production and business activities, and made administrative penalties on the parties in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state council "measures on investigation and punishment of unlicensed business".

    "The fierce market competition, the cruel survival of the fittest and the wide application of casting products all require the improvement of the quality of China's casting products." Luo baihui, secretary-general of the international mould association, said that as casting products are widely used in all walks of life, the overall quality of casting in China is not good enough. At present, China's casting product quality evaluation standards for the following three aspects of comprehensive: appearance quality, internal quality and use quality. In brief, it refers to the surface size deviation of the casting products, the chemical composition and physical properties of the casting, and the durability of the casting.

    International mold association secretary general luo hui said, export is one of the most stainless steel casting industry development in our country, in the development of the industry has a huge market share, in the face of the economic downturn now, under the condition of slow development, the development of stainless steel casting industry in China should be continuously improve product quality, better the development of overseas trade and against trade protectionism, the products and environmental protection, energy resources, humanities environment, enhance the competitiveness of the stainless steel casting products, only in this way can the indefectible position in the foreign trade.

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